The 20th anniversary celebration of Haihe Enterprises was successfully held

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The year 2024 has arrived as scheduled,and we are full of expectations.On this bright day,which coincides with the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Haihe,we are gathered here to participate in the"Haihe Enterprise 20th Anniversary Celebration".

Since its establishment in 2004,Haihe has gone through 20 years of development and has become one of the excellent Haizhen brands in China.Looking back at each of our achievements,it embodies the hard work and dedication of company managers,as well as the unremitting efforts and sweat of all employees.

Accompanied by anticipation and surging emotions,the 20th anniversary celebration of Haihe Enterprise kicked off at 9:00 am on January 8th.Mr.Li Shulin,a representative of foreign clients,Mr.Li Ziping,a retired executive,Mr.Wang Dajun,Chairman of Haihe Company,and all outstanding employees,cadres,and outstanding executives attended the banquet.

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